Transcript for Episode 9: Atmosfair (Mini)

This is the transcript of Episode 9: Atmosfair of the How to Make a Difference podcast. Go to the episode page to listen to this episode and for the show notes. Furthermore, we encourage you to read our blog post on carbon offsetting.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Hey everyone

Chinmai Gupta: Hey everyone:

Elisabeth Ignasiak: In our Episode 6 we talked about carbon offsetting, why it’s complicated and why you should do it anyways. If you haven’t listened to it yet – make sure to back and check it out. In that episode, we promised to give you some concrete examples of where you can buy trustworthy carbon offsets. Here comes number 3: Atmosfair. 

Chinmai Gupta: Atmosfair is a non-profit organization that sources carbon credits across a range of projects.

While their portfolio includes some micro-projects that they have developed themselves, they mainly bring together high quality projects to offer carbon offsets. Ninety percent of their projects are certified to the highest standard, which is the CDM Gold Standard. And even amongst those, they select  only the ones that they believe are the most effective. 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: They market themselves as a place to offset your flights, but to be honest, from our vantage point it doesn’t really matter why you’re buying your carbon credits – the important thing is that they reduce the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. 

Chinmai Gupta: One ton of CO2 costs 23 Euro and if you are interested, you can get a subscription on their website. You will find the link in the show notes and on our blog on carbon offsetting.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: And that’s it from us for now! We really hope that you will consider investing in one or maybe all the carbon offset projects we presented in this and the previous episodes. And if you do, please let us know! Your action motivates us and it can also inspire others to follow suit! You can message us on social media or via e-mail: hey at

Bye bye

Chinmai Gupta: Bye for now!