Transcript for Episode 7: Climeworks (Mini)

This is the transcript of Episode 7: Climeworks (Mini) of the How to Make a Difference podcast. Go to the episode page to listen to this episode and for the show notes. Furthermore, we encourage you to read our blog post on carbon offsetting.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Hey everyone

Chinmai Gupta: Hey everyone:

Elisabeth Ignasiak: In our previous Episode we talked about carbon offsetting, why it’s complicated and why you should do it anyways. If you haven’t listened to it yet, make sure to back and check it out. And in that episode, we promised you, to give you some concrete examples of where you can buy trustworthy carbon offsets. Here comes number 1: Climeworks. 

Chinmai Gupta: Climeworks capture Carbon Dioxide directly from the air. They have these huge fans that push air through filters, which in turn captures the carbon dioxide out of the air. Then they mix the carbon dioxide with water and pump it deep underground. Through natural mineralisation and nature’s magic,  the carbon dioxide reacts with basalt rock and turns into stone within a few years. The carbon dioxide is thus removed from the air and returned to earth, permanently. Website says that their machine-based solution can exactly measure how much carbon dioxide has been removed and turned into stone.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: They further say that their direct air capture machines are powered solely by renewable energy or energy-from-waste. But obviously, because the machines need energy to run, some CO2 is re-emitted, but  90% of captured CO2 is permanently removed.

Chinmai Gupta: So it’s definitely permanent – doesn’t get more permanent than stone.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: And it’s definitely additional. Why? Because their technology is still crazy expensive. So unless people like you and me pay for it, it’s not gonna happen. 

Chinmai Gupta: They offer various subscriptions. So all we have to do is go to their website and pick a plan to enable the removal of carbon from the atmosphere. For example: For 7 Euro per month we could help remove 85 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere per year. You can find the link to their website in our show notes and in our blog on carbon offsetting.

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Chinmai Gupta: See you next week where we present you a really interesting startup with a very different approach to offsetting. Till then, bye bye

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Bye!