Transcript for Episode 5: Mini – CO2 Footprint of Funds

This is the transcript of Episode 5: Mini – CO2 Footprint of Funds of the How to Make a Difference podcast. Go to the episode page to listen to this episode and for the show notes. Furthermore, we encourage you to read our blog post about sustainable banking.

Chinmai Gupta: Hey everyone. We’ve previously emphasised what a big impact you can have by changing your account to a Sustainable Bank. You could be saving 200kg of CO2 per 1000 Euro. In this mini episode, Florian Koss, Head of Communication and Marketing at the Triodos Bank mentions a study that shows that the impact can be even bigger when it comes to investments. If you make the switch from a non-sustainable fund to a sustainable one, you could be reducing up to 700kg of CO2 per 1000 Euro. 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: But before we play the clip: We’re dying to know how you like our podcast! We also wanna know what topics or sustainability questions you would like us to explore in the future! Reach out to us on social media or send us an email. Our e-mail is hey at! Here the excerpt from the show:

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Would I also be able to say, I’ve reduced my carbon footprint by having a bank account with you?

Florian Koss: That is a very interesting point to speak about. A bank normally has a very small CO2 footprint. It’s a building, it’s a few people working there, you have light, you have heating, you have some paper for printing. So normally, a bank, as a normal office enterprise, has not such a big footprint like a big industrial company for example. But the leverage is enormous, because by financing industries for example, or fossil fuels, by providing the money, you can calculate how much the influence is; what CO2 emissions they had.

We had a calculation of the German Verbraucherzentrale – they calculated the CO2 footprint of some funds. What happens if you change 1000 Euro from the worst fund to the best fund? And the result was, it’s about 740 kilograms of CO2. This is the same as driving 4600 kilometers by car. Once from North Cape to Neapel, crossing through Europe. This is the same amount of CO2, you save by just once, thinking about: Where do I put 1000 Euros of money. If you have 10 000 Euros: it’s 10 times. If you have 100 000: it’s 100 times. And if you are a bank and invest 100 million: You can see how big the leverage is.