Transcript for Episode 4: Mini – Sustainable Banking Impact

This is the transcript of Episode 4: Mini – Sustainable Banking Impact of the How to Make a Difference podcast. Go to the episode page to listen to this episode and for the show notes. Furthermore, we encourage you to read our blog post about sustainable banking.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Hey everyone. Here is another clip from our Sustainable Banking episode that we found super interesting. Florian Koss, Head of Communication and Marketing at the Triodos Bank, talks about the average positive impact that their customers have, just by having an account with them. For example, each customer indirectly provides education to one person. 

Chinmai Gupta: But before we play the clip: We’d be really keen to know if you managed to change your bank account. So do tell us if you have made the switch! Our e-mail is hey at We’d love to hear your story. 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Can we dive into that impact side a little bit. You already mentioned one number that I found really interesting so you said one customer is responsible for four families having renewable energy. Do I have that number, right?

Florian Koss: So if you, if you want to say it very simply – On an average, every customer, by being a customer of the Triodos bank and giving money on their saving accounts or current accounts, they help us indirectly to provide green energy to 3.4 households, for, for example, education, it’s round about one education offer per customer. So someone who has a chance to go to a university to a school or something similar. Or we have around 43,000 elderly people living in elderly care homes. So that’s round about 22 days of care per customer that are being provided.