Transcript for Episode 24: Season 1 Finale

This is the transcript of Episode 24: Season 1 Finale of the How to Make a Difference podcast. Go to the episode page to listen to this episode and for the show notes. 

Chinmai Gupta: What what what are we gonna say?

Elisabeth Ignasiak: I have absolutely no idea.

Chinmai Gupta: Alright. We’re gonna come up with something on the spot. And it’s going to be sexy and funny.


Elisabeth Ignasiak: So what are we gonna talk about in this episode?

Chinmai Gupta: We’re not talking about anything in this episode. Because we’re saying that we’re done with talking. 


Chinmai Gupta: Hey everyone. 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Hey everyone. 

Chinmai Gupta: So this is our final episode of season one. And I’m sure all of you are going to miss us a lot.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: We set out making this podcast, thinking, you know: how hard can it be? Turns out it’s actually a lot of work. And the one thing we did right from the start is that we had always agreed, okay, we’re gonna make this in seasons because for sure, we will want to take a break, look back, what can we do better, what can we do differently in the next season. And at this point, it’s also that we’re just exhausted. So, I’m ready for a holiday. What about you Chinmai?

Chinmai Gupta: Yeah.


Elisabeth Ignasiak: So I think our listeners might not know this, but Chinmai and I, we have actually never met in person.

Chinmai Gupta: We never have.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: So, I think, for listeners, there’s some risk that once we meet, there is not gonna be a podcast anymore. 

Chinmai Gupta: Yeah. Do we have a plan B, if that happens?

Elisabeth Ignasiak: We can do competing podcasts.

Chinmai Gupta: That’s a good idea! That’s a brilliant idea! Do you know what?

Elisabeth Ignasiak: And then I can always go like: Did you hear this nonsense Chinmai was talking about? 

Chinmai Gupta: That is such a good idea. I think I wanna do that already now. But, yeah, I think it’s fun with you. Ish.


Elisabeth Ignasiak: Shall we, maybe tell our listeners what else we’re gonna do this summer?

Chinmai Gupta: As of now the plan is to have very long strategy sessions to talk about season two.  

Elisabeth Ignasiak: And then, take pictures with you in high heels and still being smaller than me and then put them on Instagram.

Chinmai Gupta: No. 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Take pictures of me in high heels and you not in high heels and put that on Instagram.

Chinmai Gupta: Yes. That would be funny. That would be very funny. 


Elisabeth Ignasiak: And talking about season two: If you have a view on what we should talk about in season two, go to our survey. It’s a very simple survey. Don’t be scared. It literally takes 1 minute and it’s just for us, you know, when we’re in that summer break, to have a little bit of input from you, our listeners, that helps us produce something that you’re actually interested in. To make it simple, just go to our show notes, or the website and it’ll be really obvious how to get to our survey.

Chinmai Gupta: Yes.


Elisabeth Ignasiak: Do you have any more climate jokes, Chinmai?

Chinmai Gupta: My wife left me because of my views on the environment. I tried saving water by showering with the neighbour’s daughter. 

That’s not funny. This is the weirdest thing: You just laugh at the totally non-funny ones. I really did not expect you to laugh here.


Chinmai Gupta: Didn’t someone call us lovable geeks in one of the reviews? 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Yeah, so our latest review on iTunes is actually really nice. So the title is: “Great info combined with the most lovable nerdiness.” And it says: “Have been looking for small ways to help contribute to the fight against climate change. And these women are the first to present small steps that can help make a big difference. Love the nerdy jokes in between.”

Chinmai Gupta: Yeah I’m reading the other reviews in iTunes now and another one says: “I really liked the chosen topics so far, and find the updated mini-episodes format to be a very fitting choice for the impact, the hosts want to have, as it nudges while not overwhelming the listener. Great podcast.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Yay. 

Chinmai Gupta: Yay. 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: If you haven’t given us a review yet, we really love reading them. So, just keep them. 

Chinmai Gupta: Um… The good ones, please!

Elisabeth Ignasiak: The good ones, yeah. Though, I think we can also take constructive feedback. 

Chinmai Gupta: With a glass of wine, maybe? Or two?

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Any excuse to have a glass of wine…

Chinmai Gupta: You make me sound like an alcoholic, which I definitely am. Not.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: We all know you are.


Chinmai Gupta: We need more jokes. 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: I can do a maths joke.

Chinmai Gupta: No thank you. 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: I also have an Indian joke. 

Chinmai Gupta: Definitely no thank you. We’ll go with the maths one please. Okay, fine. Do it. 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: What’s the name for a 24-hour Indian takeaway? Nan-stop. 

Chinmai Gupta: Okay. That is funny. 


Chinmai Gupta: I think looking at the quality of our jokes today, we really need that break. We’ve been sitting here and trying our best to come up with something funny.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: And nothing comes to mind. 

Chinmai Gupta: Nothing. 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: This is really sad.

Chinmai Gupta: Nothing. 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: And I thought we’re born comedians.


Elisabeth Ignasiak: Well everyone: Enjoy your summer!

Chinmai Gupta: Have a nice summer, all of you!

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Be nice. Save the planet. 

Chinmai Gupta: Oh yeah, please: Don’t cut any trees. 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Yeah no tree cutting. We… we’re forbidding it.

Chinmai Gupta: And don’t buy things that you don’t want. 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Exactly. And change your bank. Come on! It’s not that hard. It’s summer now, you have time. Maybe you don’t have time.

Chinmai Gupta: And buy some offsets by some offsets. Maybe. Please?

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Yeah. Buy some offsets. That’s a good one.

Chinmai Gupta: Yeah. That’s a brilliant idea guys. And sleep well.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Yeah, sleep is important.

Chinmai Gupta: It’s very, very good. It’s very important.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Exactly. Sleep well. Just not when you’re listening to our podcast. Our podcast should not be your falling to sleep… Use… use a different podcast for that, but not ours.

Chinmai Gupta: Even though our voices are really soothing. My mom always falls asleep when, we’re talking, she says. She genuinely does.

We will sleep for a while and then we’ll catch up with strategy. But till then. Bye-bye.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Bye-bye.