Transcript for Episode 0: Introduction

This is the transcript of Episode 0: Introduction of the How to Make a Difference podcast. Go to the episode page to listen to this episode and find the show notes.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Hey everyone!

Chinmai Gupta: Hey everyone!

Elisabeth Ignasiak: We’re really excited to announce our new podcast, How to Make a Difference. 

Chinmai Gupta: We will give you easy, effective and actionable tools to empower you in the fight against climate change. But first, we want to tell you a little bit about ourselves. Elisabeth, do you want to go first?

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Sure. I’m actually an astrophysicist by training.

Chinmai Gupta: Oh, so can you tell me my horoscope for today? Just kidding. I know you get that a lot!

Elisabeth Ignasiak: I actually did my PhD on supernovae, that’s star explosions. And I was exploring Type IIP supernovae. We don’t need to go into detail what that is, but basically it’s red supergiants exploding. I am also a passionate underwater hockey player. And yes, you heard that right, underwater hockey! So basically you play in snorkeling gear at the bottom of the pool while holding your breath. And it’s a pretty awesome sport. And I love color. And I also love fire, which leads to chronic overspending on pretty candles. Yeah, enough about me – Chinmai, your turn.

Chinmai Gupta: So I’ve spent about 15 years in digital consulting; where I started writing for newspapers at the start of my career. I still write articles and short stories in my spare time. 

But what’s been fascinating me lately is the human mind. I’ve been reading a lot about human psychology. I’ve got into hypnotherapy..

Elisabeth Ignasiak: I imagine our next call will be spirals coming up on the screen and me just doing your bidding.

Chinmai Gupta: Maybe! And did I say I like fountain pens?

Elisabeth Ignasiak: What is a fountain pen?

Chinmai Gupta: Like an ink pen. Yeah. Just a fancy way of saying an ink pen. So I love writing with fountain pens. And I feel it lends an extra character to my writing. Not that anyone can see it! Okay, so much so about us. Shall we talk a little bit about the podcast now?

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Definitely. So I’m actually a huge podcast fan myself. And I listen to almost 20 podcasts around the topic of sustainability. I actually counted them.

Chinmai Gupta: You’re a sustainability junkie! 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: I am a little bit. Yeah, just just because listening to podcasts, it’s such a great way to learn any topic. Like whenever I want to learn something, I just subscribe to all the podcasts that I can find about it. And with sustainability, it gives you a really cool overview of cool projects, initiatives, startups. However, the one thing that I’m usually missing is how it relates to me. So, what are the things that I can actually do to make the world a better place? And of course, we can and arguably should all change our lifestyles. But I always wonder, does that really make a difference? Am I really saving the planet by avoiding plastic straws, by cycling to work? 

Chinmai Gupta: Funny because that really resonates with me as well. My passion for sustainability started when I was quite young, with a simple white lie that my mum used to tell my siblings and me. She said that one whole tree had to be cut to make one sheet of paper. And of course we believed her. She was trying to promote a more judicious use of paper with us kids. But that’s something that’s kind of stuck with me. And, to this day, I ensure that I use every square inch of paper before I put it in for recycling. But it’s not just paper, you know, I make a lot of other environment-positive changes in my life every day. But I also wonder if all of those add up to anything? 

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Yeah, and it’s actually so hard to live sustainably. And this is exactly why we’re doing this podcast. So we’re gonna explore a range of topics all centered around the question – What are the most effective things we as individuals can do, to make the world a better place?

Chinmai Gupta: Our plan is to discuss a new topic at the start of each month. For this we’ll bring in guest speakers and make sure that each episode gives you some of those actionable tools and tips that we’ve been talking about. And then during the month, we’ll release a few short short episodes with some of the highlights, and perhaps motivate you to take some action. So do let us know your feedback about the format and if it’s working for you, or if you think we should make a few tweaks to make it more interesting and exciting.

Elisabeth Ignasiak: Yeah and finally, we have two humble requests. One, we’re a new podcast and so that means it’s really hard for us to be found on the podcast charts. And it would be incredibly helpful if you could rate and review our podcast, it would really mean the world to us. And two, if you know someone who is interested in sustainability, please share this podcast with them. The more people listen, the bigger the difference we can all make. 

Thank you so much for spending your time with us. Bye. Bye. 

Chinmai Gupta: Bye.