22: Ambar – New Life for Your Closet (Mini)

One of the most impactful things we can do to be part of the circular economy is to ‘reuse’. This could be by renting rather than buying, using sharing systems, or by buying things second hand.

In this episode, we also speak with Kathrin Wronka and Stefanie Richter, the co-founders of Ambar Share, a person-to-person platform to connect lenders and borrowers of high-end fashion. Their example shows what a more circular world could look like.

This episode builds on Episode 20, where we speak about conscious consumption and the circular economy.

Episode Show Notes: Episode 22: Ambar – New Life for Your Closet (Mini)

20: Conscious Consumption

Did you know that 30% of our carbon footprint comes down to consumption? And that does not include things like fuel, electricity, or food – in the most simple terms, it refers to all the ‘stuff’ we buy.

This month we’re tackling conscious consumption: How can we as consumers reduce the carbon emissions related to our lifestyle? One possible solution is the circular economy.

Our first guest is Catherine Weetman, the host of the Circular Economy Podcast. She explains what the circular economy is and why it is a promising alternative to our current extractive throughput economy. Our second guest is Erin Andrews, the host of the Inner Circle podcast. With Erin, we explore what we can do as citizens and consumers to support a transition to the circular economy.

Episode Show Notes: Episode 20: Conscious Consumption

Conscious Consumption – Sustainable alternatives to Amazon around the world for 2021

Guest contributor: Alicia Lee – in collaboration with heyImpact With the impact of Covid, online shopping is more popular than ever, allowing us to purchase essential supplies and countless other goods without having to leave the safety and comfort of our homes. However, the convenience of online shopping is a double-edged sword that also contributes Read More