6: Carbon Offsetting

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One of the easiest ways to have a measurable impact in the fight against climate change is to invest in projects that draw down carbon from the atmosphere.

For this episode we invited two guests: Anja Kollmuss, a climate expert who has researched carbon markets for more than 20 years and Lambert Schneider, a research coordinator for international climate policy at the Öko-Institut and a member and former chair of the UNFCCC CDM executive board. They shine a light on the complexity of carbon offsetting and things you should keep in mind when trying to offset your carbon footprint. 


If you are thinking about buying carbon credits, check out our blog post on carbon offsetting. We have done a lot of research on this topic and give you some concrete examples of trustworthy carbon offsets. 

Show Notes

We have listed most resources in our blog post on carbon offsetting. A further resource mentioned in this episode is the Carbon Offset Guide. You can learn more about the How to Make a Difference podcast on:


You can find the episode transcript here.

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