10: Green Electricity

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Renewable energy generation like solar, hydro, and wind power is rapidly increasing across the world. With the growth of renewables driven by both consumer demand and government regulation, a question that often comes up is “How do I know if the energy I pay for is actually green?” To answer this question we dive into the world of electricity.  

We invited two guests: Stuart Lloyd-Evans, managing director of Cielo Energy Limited, and Janet Wood editor of New Power Magazine. They explain how the electricity grid works, the hidden financial market behind the scenes, the role of renewable energy within this system, and what we as end consumers can do to make a difference.


In our article I pay for green electricity, but do I actually get what I pay for?, we explain how electricity grids work and where you can find green electricity suppliers around the world. 

Show Notes

We have listed all resources in our blog post on green electricity. You can learn more about the How to Make a Difference podcast on:


You can find the episode transcript here.

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