13: Beyond Green Electricity (Mini)

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Some electricity providers go one step further – they actively invest in building new renewable infrastructure. 

In Episode 13, we speak with Christian Knops, the head of communication at the Grüner Strom Label, which is a German NGO certifying green electricity and gas providers.

This episode builds on Episode 10, Episode 11, and Episode 12, where we speak about renewable electricity more broadly, untangle green electricity certifications and chat with a green electricity supplier. 


In our article I pay for green electricity, but do I actually get what I pay for? we explain how electricity grids work and where you can find green electricity suppliers around the world. 

Show Notes

We have listed all resources in our blog post on green electricity. Further resources mentioned in this episode are: 

References provided by Christian Knops:

  • Umweltbundesamt (German Environment Agency): Market Analysis Green Electricity II (in German) from August 2019. Around page 200, the current guarantee of origins market in Europe is examined.
  • Bundesnetzagentur & Bundeskartellamt (German Network Agency & German Cartel Office): Monitoring Report 2020 (in German). Here, current data on the German green electricity market can be found.
  • BEUC (The European Consumer Organisation) news article: Need to fix ‘green electricity’ markets for consumers. Not very recent, but a good comparison of European labels starting on page 17. The criteria they apply are explained beforehand. 

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You can find the episode transcript here.

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