12: Octopus Energy (Mini)

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“Energy has always been expensive and dirty, frankly. Since we first started chopping down trees to build campfires when we were hunter-gatherers. But that phase is coming to an end. So what do we do in a world of plentiful cheap energy?” – Andrew Mack

In Episode 12 we speak with Andrew Mack, the CEO of Octopus Energy Germany. He tells us why time-stamped green energy certificates matter and why there’s hope for a 100% renewable future.

This episode builds on Episode 10, where we speak about renewable electricity more broadly, and Episode 11, where we untangle green electricity certifications.


In our article, I pay for green electricity, but do I actually get what I pay for? we explain how electricity grids work and where you can find green electricity suppliers around the world. 

Show Notes

We have listed all resources in our blog post on green electricity. You can learn more about the How to Make a Difference podcast on:


You can find the episode transcript here.

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