Conscious Consumption – Sustainable alternatives to Amazon around the world for 2021

Guest contributor: Alicia Lee – in collaboration with heyImpact With the impact of Covid, online shopping is more popular than ever, allowing us to purchase essential supplies and countless other goods without having to leave the safety and comfort of our homes. However, the convenience of online shopping is a double-edged sword that also contributes Read More

The most sustainable pet food brands around the world for 2021

Pets are widely popular and if anything their popularity has only increased during the COVID-19 crisis. 67% of American households have at least one pet.1 In Germany 47% of households have pets2, the most popular pet being cats, closely followed by dogs.3 While we all love our fluffy, furry companions, their impact on the climate Read More

I pay for green electricity, but do I actually get what I pay for?

The share of renewables in overall power generation is rapidly increasing across the world. Germany has been called ‘the world’s first major renewable energy economy’. The share of renewable electricity rose from just 3.4% of gross electricity consumption in 1990 to exceed 10% by 2005, reaching over 40% of consumption in 2019. Renewable energy technologies Read More

Carbon Offsetting – A simple way to make an impact against climate change

One of the easiest ways to have a measurable impact in the fight against climate change is to invest in projects that draw down carbon from the atmosphere. It’s simple: Climate change is caused by the increased concentration of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. The obvious solution: take CO2 out of the Read More