About Us

heyImpact is a collection of small steps that lead to a big impact.

Our first initiative is a monthly podcast and blog called How to Make a Difference to give people easy, effective and actionable tools that empower them to maximise their impact in the fight against climate change. We hope that each one of us can be an advocate of change and say hey to some serious Impact.

The Team

Elisabeth Ignasiak is an astrophysics PhD and a former consultant. She is passionate about climate change, diversity and inclusion, and making the world a better place for all. In the past, she was engaged in NGOs around education, human rights, and the circular economy, but has now decided to focus on the fight against climate change. With heyImpact she wants to help others to be more effective in their climate journey. In her spare time, Elisabeth loves listening to podcasts and playing underwater hockey.

Chinmai Gupta has spent over 15 years in digital consulting and writing. She loves story-telling, interacting with people and problem solving. She is passionate about sustainability, social and economic injustice issues like race, gender and basic human rights for all. Some people find her sarcasm charming and think she is quite funny. And then there are the others. At heyImpact she hopes to promote a more sustainable way of living that does not feel like a sacrifice or a strain.